Words cannot express how shocked we are at the death of our friend and irreplaceable band member, Paul. It has pulled the rug from under our feet. With only a couple of weeks to go before we were to embark upon our autumn tour, this has knocked us sideways and obviously changed everything.
Paul died suddenly from a heart attack on 14th September 2022, Saul was with him at the time.

We enjoyed 17 years of playing music together, from our formation out of the ashes of Dr Faustus in a pub in Sidmouth in 2005, through three albums, two EPs, various educational and community projects and countless gigs. We had a damn good laugh and although there were difficult times we always powered through with a healthy dose of sarcasm, mickey taking and silliness. Paul had a keen, mischievous and sometimes wicked sense of humour, which offset the fact that he was sometimes a miserable git. But we loved him for it. “No-one does misery like Paul Sartin”, as was once said. He spent a lot of time sleeping in the back of the car on tours, which freed Saul and Benji (and Matt the sound when he was with us) to talk absolute rubbish. Paul was pretty good at that too but had a better gauge on when to stop.

He leaves a hole that cannot be filled and we cherish the time we spent and the music we made together.

New EP!! Cotton Lords

Five Songs of the Lancashire Cotton Famine

After two years of research, collaboration, composition and recording we're proud to announce the release of our new Limited Edition Deluxe EP:

'Cotton Lords - Five Songs of the Lancashire Cotton Famine' produced by Matt Williams.

We've set five texts from the Cotton Famine of the 1860s to new music, as part of a project based at the University of Exeter

Released on: April 26th 2019

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