Cotton Lords: Five Songs of the Lancashire Cotton Famine

After two years of research, collaboration, composition and recording, Faustus released their newest Limited Edition Deluxe EP in 2019. The band have set five texts from the Cotton Famine of the 1860s to new music, as part of a project based at the University of Exeter. Including detailed liner notes by Dr Simon Rennie, Senior Lecturer in Victorian Poetry, University of Exeter.

Released on 26 April 2019

Produced by Matt Williams, Adventures in Audio


  1. Cotton Lords
  2. Lancashire Operatives (Starvation)
  3. Lancashire Factory Girl
  4. Wrongs and Rights
  5. I would this war were ended.

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Death And Other Animals

The pioneering, ‘bloke folk’ triumvirate (PAUL SARTIN, BENJI KIRKPATRICK & SAUL ROSE) return with their third release. Produced by Rupert Christie.
Death And Other Animals

  1. Slaves / Foul Weather Call
  2. False Foxes / Idbury Hill
  3. While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping
  4. Oh to be a King / King of the Discoed
  5. The Deadly Sands
  6. Gurt Dog
  7. Adieu to Bon County
  8. One More Day / Heavy Weather
  9. The Death of the Hart Royal
  10. Harry Kitchener’s Jig / The Piper’s Rehash
  11. Death Goes a Walking

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Broken Down Gentlemen

Second album from Faustus – Benji Kirkpatrick (of Bellowhead) and Paul Sartin (of Bellowhead/Belshazzar’s Feast) and Saul Rose (of Waterson Carthy and Kings of Calicutt). Produced by Stu Hanna (of Megson).

  1. Broken Down Gentlemen
  2. American Stranger/Princess Waltz
  3. Blow The Windy Morning
  4. The Prentice Boy
  5. Banks Of The Nile
  6. The Captain’s Apprentice
  7. Og’s Eye Man/Ring Her Bell
  8. I Wish, I Wish
  9. Lovely Johnny
  10. The Thrashing Machine

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An exceptional record, one of the years greatest traditional records. ” Easily the best record I’ve been involved in.” – Saul Rose. Faustus is Paul Sartin and Benji Kirkpatrick of Bellowhead and Saul Rose (probably the countries best melodeon player). Think vocal harmonies. Think Elizabethan pop. Think fretboard wizardry. Think the Melodeon. If you can think all of that, then you have just conjured up the world of ‘Faustus’.

  1. Brisk Lad
  2. The Hostesses Daughter
  3. Ballina Whalers
  4. Next Stop: Grimsby / The Three Rascals / Aunt Crisps
  5. The New Deserter
  6. The Old Miser
  7. The Green Willow Tree
  8. Will The Weaver
  9. Acre Of Land

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